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Hey everybody, I'm Dara, head of nwcMUSIC, music programming at Norwescon. WELCOME TO THE GEEKMUSIC GRID!

There are so many things to talk about I don’t know where to start, even. MONSTARRS OF NERDCORE is a two-hour multiband nerdcore extravaganza, featuring Death*Star and Klopfenpop, and possibly a surprise. Yes, that’s Molly Lewis, making her debut at Norwescon on Saturday night, with Vixy & Tony as her backup band. Yes, that’s Hello The Future on Friday. Yes, Alexander James Adams will be doing one of his rare shows this year at our event. Yes, that’s Guest of Honour Catherine Asaro – who is also a musician as well as a writer and a brain surgeon research scientist, doing the Buckaroo Banzai/Hong Kong Cavaliers thing on Friday afternoon; CD Woodbury will be bringing in some of his friends as backup. And yes, that’s 13 hours of workshops and panel programming during the day, all with our determinedly DIY/participatory culture emphasis in mind.

Plus other artists I am so excited about I can’t even tell you. HeyLasFas? Pony Progrock. They released a concept album about the fall of Princess Luna, called Nightfall, and seriously it is amazing…

Now. Where. Were. We?

I’m not going to cover all this in one post, so you’ll have to take my word for it. We have so much going on this year we had to make a hopefully-one-time exception to one of our rules, and overlap music programming, just a little. (KidsFilk and MONSTARRS OF NERDCORE.) And if you know me, you know how much I try to avoid that – but there just wasn’t any other way to fit it all in. Chiptunes, filk, Jpop, nerdcore, ponyrock… did I mention Leannan Sidhe’s CD release concert? I guess I just did. XD

Easter weekend 2013, people. It’s gonna be epic.