Michael Hanscom (djwudi) wrote in norwescon,
Michael Hanscom


I'm not sure how many people here might be using Twitter (short-form messaging, global 'away' status messages, microblogging...for only 140 characters, there's a lot of different ways to use or describe the service). It's becoming more and more popular, though, and the Seattle PI's Big Blog just posted a list of local agencies and organizations using Twitter to distribute information.

This seemed like a good idea, so I've created a norwescon Twitter account. Right now, it's brand new and therefore pretty empty, but I currently have it set up to automagically mirror anything that pops up in the Norwescon Friendfeed room (which is aggregating this LJ community, the Flickr Norwescon group, and a Twitter search for any mentions of "norwescon").

Now, I'm in no way officially involved with Norwescon -- rather, I'm just a geek with a passing interest in social networking (I set up the Friendfeed room and co-admin the Flickr group) -- so if anyone more official would like to take over the Norwescon Twitter account, I'd be more than happy to turn over the login credentials. In the meantime, this will serve as one more avenue for getting information out onto the 'net.
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